A Brief History of the Mississippi FlagAugust 24, 2011

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Mississippi Flag by Volunteer Traditions
The current flag of the state of Mississippi was adopted in 1894. Of course every state that seceded from the union was an independent nation for a short time before joining the Confederate States of America. A new flag was created: the Sovereign Republic of Mississippi flag. It was referred to as “The Magnolia Flag,” it had a Magnolia tree in the center and a star in the corner. During the Civil War, the Mississippians flew both of the National flags of the Confederacy (See below). Following the war, Mississippi adopted a flag that was somewhat of a combination of these two flags.

The design features what is recognized as the Confederate flag in the upper left corner. This portion contains navy stripes with thirteen stars. The rest of the flag is composed of three horizontal bars. These bars deviate from the first flag of the Confederacy by including the color blue. They are red, white, and blue, recognizing the national colors.
Fun Facts:
In the official description, the Confederate battle flag is referred to as the “union square.” Also the official description states that the thirteen stars represent the original thirteen colonies, but it is believed that they actually represent the thirteen Confederate states, and states under Confederate control. In 2001, a bill was proposed to change the flag to remove the Confederate flag. The referendum overwhelmingly failed. The Mississippi state flag is the only state flag to feature the Confederate flag.

I salute the flag of Mississippi and the sovereign state for which it stands with pride in her history and achievements and with confidence in her future under the guidance of Almighty God.

First National Flag of the Confederacy

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