Brief History of the Arkansas FlagSeptember 19, 2011

Arkansas did not have an official state flag until 1913. Even at this time, it took the Daughters of the American Revolution to make the flag. One chapter of the DAR sponsored a contest to make a state flag for the commissioning of the USS Arkansas. The winning flag is the current flag of the state of Arkansas with some slight alterations.

The Arkansas flag is a red flag with a blue and white diamond in the middle. The center is a diamond because at the time of creation it was the only known U.S. state to have diamonds. There is a border around this diamond containing 25 stars, representative of Arkansas joining the United States as the 25th state. Within the diamond three stars are found below “Arkansas,” and one is located above. The stars below symbolize the ownership of Arkansas by Spain, France, and finally the U.S. These stars are also thought to symbolize Arkansas being the third state carved out of the Louisiana Purchase. The star above “Arkansas” was not original to the flag but was added to represent Arkansas’s secession and thus ownership by the Confederate States.

Fun Facts:
The Arkansas state flag was created by a contest sponsored by the DAR.

“I salute the Arkansas Flag with its diamond and stars. We pledge our loyalty to thee.”

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