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A Brief History of the Texas FlagSeptember 7, 2011

Texas Flag by Volunteer Traditions

The “Lone Star Flag” was adopted in 1839 in Texas while Texas was still an independent republic. Texas was admitted to the union six years later and the national flag became the state flag of Texas. Texas had several flags before this including the Lone Star and Stripes flag and the Alamo flag, but the Burnet Flag is the only other flag to officially fly in Texas. The red of the flag represents bravery, white represents purity and blue represents loyalty.

The Texas state flag is a rectangle consisting of red and white horizontal stripes that comprise two thirds of the length of the flag. A blue vertical bar fills the left side of the flag with a white star centered in this blue bar.

Fun Facts:
Texas did not have an official state flag for more than half a century. The Revised Civil Statutes of 1879 repealed anything that was not specifically renewed in Texas. Because the Texas state flag was not renewed until 1933, Texas did not have an official state flag.
Honor the Texas flag;
I pledge allegiance to thee,
Texas, one state under God,
One and indivisible.
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The Heritage LineJune 22, 2011

You love where you are from, The Heritage Line Loves helping you show that love.

The Heritage Line by Volunteer Traditions

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