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Alabama Houndstooth HatsSeptember 16, 2013

You don’t want to be caught in Bryant-Denny stadium without a Houndstooth Cap!

Alabama Houndstooth Hats by Heritage Line

Houndstooth is for lovers.

Check out our other Alabama flag hats, in case yours is a house divided.


Alabama State Flag Hats by Heritage Line

Alabama State Flag Hats by Heritage Line


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The Heritage LineJune 22, 2011

We named our company Volunteer Traditions because it all started in the Volunteer state. Our goal was to provide Tennesseans with quality state pride belts and caps since that seemed to be lacking at the time.

We then started hearing how other people wanted similar products for their states to celebrate their “heritage”. We expanded across the South to give individuals a classy way to support their state.  While most people understood the meaning of the company, we came across some individuals who believed the “volunteer” part meant a team (not a state motto that goes back to the war of 1812), so we created the “heritage line”.  While we make orange products, we’re not here to promote a team…we’re here to promote the pride you have for your state.

If you have an idea for an additional color design please let us know!

The Heritage Line by Volunteer Traditions