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Brief History of the South Carolina FlagSeptember 19, 2011

South Carolina Flag by Volunteer Traditions
The first flag of South Carolina was designed for use during the Revolutionary War. The blue of the flag was apparently taken from the blue colored uniforms of the soldiers and the crescent moon from their caps. The Palmetto tree was not originally featured in the flag and it was not added until 1861, however several unofficial versions of the flag used the Palmetto tree. Although it was not added for almost a century, the palmetto tree honors Colonel William Moultrie’s defense of the Palmetto log fort found on Sullivan’s Island.

A blue field with a centered white palmetto tree and a white crescent moon to the upper left of the palmetto tree. The Palmetto tree is a symbol of victory represented Colonel Moultrie’s stand against the British.

Fun Facts:
South Carolina is nicknamed the Palmetto state.
According to many historians, the crescent moon on the flag is not actually a moon at all. The symbol was taken off the caps of troops from South Carolina during the Revolutionary war and it is said that the symbol represented a piece of armor called a gorget.

“I salute the flag of South Carolina and pledge to the Palmetto State love, loyalty and faith.”
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